TK PLUS is a British brand based in London.
We are strongly driven by customer satisfaction which is why our products are a high standard of quality and our customer service is excellent.
We are committed to making a prominent impact in the dental and medical industry by supplying a vast variety of Dental, Orthodontic, Surgical,Chiropody/Podiatry and Veterinary instruments. in Today’s highly developed medical industries in UK, Europe and USA.
Having recognized the importance of delivering exceptional products and services, we have worked together with private practitioners, Dental institutions, Dental
Surgeons and the NHS to provide you with a range of trusted instruments.

We deliver our products worldwide and we are proud of the fact that our products and services are highly appreciated and noticed throughout Europe and America, so we are committed to expand our services in emerging markets worldwide.

Our Aim:
To develop as a leading on-line brand and gain a recognition as a company setting forth its targets to give incredible shopping experience
to our valued customers around the world.

We feel a great deal of responsibility towards the health care industry including Dental Surgeries, Dental Surgeons, Dental Hospitals,
and Dental Institutions, hence, we strive hard to work closely with them in order to ascertain the best possible feedback to be able to
deliver to the best of our ability and craftsmanship as far as our High quality Dental reusable instruments are concerned.

TK PLUS runs a network of Re-sellers and Distributors around the world. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of our products
in your area, we will be able to assist you .

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